translated from Spanish: Details of Triplemania XXVIII: winners and storytelling

Mexico City.- Today, after almost three months of postponement, triplemania XXVIII, twenty-eighth edition of the Triplemania, was held, one of the most spectacular, and therefore most anticipated events of the AAA Worldwide Wrestling by all Mexicans. The sports commentators Hugo Savinovich and José Manuel Guillen, who welcomed all the spectators who from their homes witnessed the ninth edition of the XXVIII Triplemania held at the Arena Mexico City, to narrate the epic encounters.
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«The Psycho Circus» Psycho Clown, Murder Clown and Monster Clown defeat Blue Demon Jr, LA Park and Son of LA Park/Source: @Psychooriginal

The rappers Lobo Estepario and Aczino then offered a freestyele rap show in which their best improvised compositions were advantaged, in which they recounted the billboard of the event. At the conclusion of his presentation, a video is transferred in which a brief review of the most iconic moments of 2020, as well as the previous Triplemania, is made.

They then reappear on Savinovich and Guillen’s camera. Subsequently, Marisela Peña and Dorian Roldan appear on screen, which meet the banners and urn of Antonio Peña Herrada, the founder of the AAA Wrestling, as a way to replace the conventional opening ceremony. After these initial honors, the first meeting of the tarde.Mr. Iguana, Dynasty and Maximus are defeated by «El Poder del Norte» Carta Brava Jr, Mocho cota Jr and Tito Santana. At first the tough ones wanted to take control of the encounter, but the technicians face them causing the pace of the contest to accelerate. In a quick manoeuvre, outside the ring, Maximus pounces on moonsault over Cota. Then there is an exchange of encounters within the ring, in which technicians launch several combinations against the northerners. Iguana gives everything to the northern with his macota Tinder, however, the tough take advantage by hitting Dynasty and Maximus thus gaining the numerical advantage over Iguana.The technicians do not allow themselves to be defeated by resuming in the act the attempts of Desnucadoras of the northern, throwing them all three out of the fighting zone. Carta Brava applies an Aird Raid Crish to Dynasty on one of the quadrilateral’s edges, a pair of Mocho Cota pounce on Tope Suicida and in the execution breaks a table with Maximus. With his two companions out of condition, Iguana tries to defend himself as a place, but is defeated with a Flog Splash from Cota.After the first encounter is over, the staff begins to sanitize the place, as Savinovich and Guillen are surrounded by a heated discussion about the fight, in which they mention that it was possible to appreciate how Iguana fell on his elbow strongly in one of his maneuvers. In addition, they mention that «The Power of the North» are clear fighters in the duels of three.

Marvel Fight: Purple Terror vs Venenoid/ Source: @luchalibreaaa

Then, on the occasion of the ceremony of the entry into the AAA Hall of Fame of La Parka, who died on January 11, 2020 at the age of 54, the dancer Charro González held a performance with edecanes; they all dressed in catines and dead. Later, Jesús Zuñiga presents marisela Peña and Dorian Roldán in the ring, who reveal a commemorative plaque that is given to La Parka Jr, son of La Parka. After these acts a video is placed as a tribute to the wrestler originally from Hermosillo, Sonora in which several of his fellow fighters dedicate a few words to him.» The Brithers Fights» Pentagon Jr and Phoenix defeat «The Mercenaries» Texano Jr and King Scorpion and «The Air Rider» Mizteziz Jr and Octagon Jr. The Mercenaries tried to hold the AAA World Couples Championship in their hands so they took over since the war began, but almost instantly the Brothers Fights took the lead, in which they highlighted a Screw out by Phoenix. On the other hand, inside the ring the moods light up. Among the most noteworthy movements are the Scorpion and Texan pair movements. Taking advantage of the distraction of the réferi, Scorpion hits Pentagon’s leg with a barbed bat, which is why pentagon has to be moved backstage so that it can be taken care of, leaving only Phoenix. The tough ones make the attempt to dominate The Horsemen, so Phoenix is committed to helping Mizteziz and Octagon in their fight. Almost to finish Mizteziz pounces in Shooting Star Press on Texano, but Scorpion pulls the réferi out of the ring avoiding defeat. At that moment Pentagon returns to the ring and helps Phoenix to finish with Scorpion, for which he takes the hand of a combination of Stomp and Fear Factor, movements that end up giving them the triumph. After the match, taurus up into the ring and attack with Texano and Scorpion the rest of the fighters. Suddenly, out of nowhere comes Son of the Viking, whom he had not seen in action since April of this year. Viking gets rid of the tough ones and applies the Frankesteiner to Scorpion, who ends up falling on his teammates who were out of the ring. Once defeated, they celebrate all the members of the Air Riders.Later, Ana Carbajal and Barby Villalela are presented as drivers of the following contests. Commentators say that the fight that follows is elimination, so every minute a wrestler passes will reach the ring and be eliminated by throwing them over the third rope to do with both feet in ringside. The last two contenders to remain in the ring must fight each other. Lady Shani wins the Women’s Triplemania Cup. Lady Shani and Lady Wonder begin with good combinations from both sides, from one moment to the next comes The Ivy as the third participant. After the minutes Mamba and Faby Apache come up, each has moments of dominance over the ring. Hades is the sixth participant, then Chik Storm arrives who gets rid of her. Later, Big Mommy up as well as Scarlet Pimpinela with the number 9 in the contest. Mamba and Pimpinela hold on to each other until the other participants try to eliminate them both. Big Mommy is eliminated, then Pimpinela and Mamba follows in her footsteps. The réferi tries to help Storm, but is accidentally beaten by storm who is eliminated by Shani. Tirante assists in the removal of Apache, while shani is disadvantaged against Ivy and Wonder. Again, Tirantes tries to help the rude ones to eliminate Shani, but Shani eliminates Ivy, so he faces Wonder. Again Tirantes wanted Wonder to be helped, yet she manages to give up by a key to surrender, thus taking triumph.» The Psycho Circus» Psycho Clown, Murder Clown and Monster Clown defeat Blue Demon Jr., LA Park and Son of LA Park. The tough ones take advantage from the beginning of the contest over the clowns by handing out various objects with which they are hit. Although from the beginning it was appreciated that Demon and La Park looked with the face of few friends, the demon manages to calm the waters. Clowns respond and continue in the contest with guns. Because Demon and La Park couldn’t contain themselves, the demons end up losing their strife. The Psycho Circus intervene and after a Psycho Spanish Fly about Son they manage to beat
After the match, Demon and La Park continue their fight out of the ring, as Monster Clown removes the mask and with their teammates celebrates their triumph. Svinovich and Guillen introduce the rock band Molotov, who are in charge of enlivening the event with their songs. The wrestlers are then introduced for marvel’s special encounter. Commentators mention details of the characters and the stories behind them. American Legend and Arácnid are defeated by Purple terror and Venenoid. Arácnido confronts Venenodide, and then enters Purple action, who by his great physical strength manages to take advantage. The tough ones gain control, but Arachno responds by knocking terror down and applying suplexes to Venenoid.  After this, all the contenders are in the ring: Aracno applies Suicide Stop on Venenoid. Legend makes Purple a Driver and then a Flag Splash, but it’s not enough to defeat him. After recovering Poisonoid, Purple applies a Drill Claw to Arácnido, thereby gaining victory. At the end of the encounter, marvelist wrestlers make the amago of continuing the contest, however, at that moment a fighter appears dressed as a Marvel character and says through the microphone that «this continuesit will.» Kenny Omega (c) c/Michael Nakzawa defeats Laredo Kid c/Son of the Viking. The combat started with key exchanges, in which Laredo manages to take advantage of looking for a Suicide Stop, however, under the ring is Omega that takes control hurting Laredo’s back by dropping it on the edge of the ring and the ringside protection bar. Omega remains the king of the ring until Laredo manages to slow him down by hitting his knee, applying a Cutter to him at the moment, but Omega turns him around by applying a Driver to the edge of the ring, bringing the contest to the stage behind the commentary table. Laredo and Viking combine and between the two tire spears from the outside over Nakazawa and Omega. Laredo takes Omega into the ring, while Nakazawa holds Laredo so Omega can throw hes hem at Tope with Giro, but Laredo moves causing the champion to fall on his teammate, shortly before being topped by a Laredo Giro Stop. Omega dodges Laredo’s Phoenix Splash attempt, who is hit with one knee. Laredo manages to block a One Winge Angel with Inverted Hurracarrana. Omega applies the Denucation and V.Trigger, but Laredo reaches the strings with his hand. Omega climbs the third rope. Laredo applies 450 Splash to Omega’s leg, catching him with Crosshair, but Omega re-uses the strings to save himself. Omega attacks with Denucators, which Laredo resists by applying a variant of Crosses to Omega’s leg, again the ropes save him. Laredo climbs the ropes, but Nakazawa manages to distract him so omega can get up and apply an Once Winged Angel from the third string, a movement with which they defeat.

Hair vs. hair: Pagan vs Cheesman/ Source: @luchalibreaaa

Chessman c/Super Fly is defeated by Pagano c/Lady Shani. In the hair-versus-hair fight, the moods heat up quickly with the exchange of Suicide Stops between Pagano and Chessman. The latter gains control by taking control of the items, a power he continues to maintain by applying blows to Pagano. Pagan manages to make an Air Raid Crash to Chessman from the second string, but from one moment to the next the Mercenaries and Super Fly come to attack him, at the same time as Shani.  (Mexican Wrestling: Pagan goes for the championship in Triplemania 28 against Chessman) The Horsemen show up and throw the tough ones out. Again pagano and Chesman are left alone, the two climb to the third string, while a Chessman Spera causes them to fall out of the ring, breaking a table in their wake causing the two to bleed. No one gives in to the count of 3. Combat continues outside the ring near the commentary table. Chessman gives Hugo Savinovich with a guitar, hurting him on the spot. Pagano pounces on Chessman and they get into a van that’s part of the stage. A Pagano Air Raid Crash causes Chessman to defeat.

Original source in Spanish

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