translated from Spanish: «I sit at a farewell stage, there is little time left, » said Victor Hugo Morales

In an interview with Infobae the journalist and legendary sports rapporteur, Victor Hugo Morales, stated: «I sit at a farewell stage, there is little time left.» Before being interned he spoke with the medium about politics, Maradona, his bond with Alberto and Cristina, of which he considers the final stage of his career and his personal life. On the same night as the interview, the rapporteur had to be hospitalized for having heart problems for which he had to undergo surgery in which he had a pacemaker placed. «I spent four or five seconds with my heart stopped, » he revealed five days later. Among many issues he said he felt at the farewell of his professional career, although he clarified that as long as he has a space to say what he wants and physically can face it he will not stop working yet. Asked about what he did best in his life, he stated that he could be a person who made his life what he wanted and who managed to «fight for infrequent margins of freedom»

Source: Infobae

He confessed that the years of the media law debate was the professional moment when he felt most threatened as «his discussion brought a very sharp division, very deep in the journalistic sectors as there had never been before.» Anyway, he felt that it helped him strengthen himself and he recalled a particular episode.» In February 2010 an email appeared that was complementary to all the things that were operating against me at the time, saying that I had received ten million dollars to support the government,» adding, «It’s very difficult to defend yourself against infamy, against a fake news, as we say now, of that nature.» Regarding his relationship with the Kirchnerist government, Morales was blunt «I have been critical of Kirchner, I have been critical of Alfonsín, who were people who on balance sheet, when you look in perspective, were of extraordinary value in the country». Consulted by the current Government of Alberto Fernández he stated that despite dissenting about some measures on the management of justice «he has had extraordinary behavior because he faced the pandemic always with a decision, always trying to go one step ahead. He made decisions that the world applauded. That they avoided what is so much death.» Alberto also highlighted Alberto’s accompaniment to Bolivia’s former president, Evo Morales, who he took refuge in Argentina after being exiled from his country. Despite his flattery he stated that he has no dialogue with the first national representative and would not interview him: «If I did I would have to force some situation, I would not be able to do an interview and not ask him what we do with Justice, with the media, etc., and in any response there would be questions that would always be uncomfortable. He is working on a much more valuable task, which is the reconstruction of the country»

According to his own statements, he has no contact with Cristina, to which he claims to have shaken hands once and to which he would also not report: «He speaks a lot. By nature, you have a lot to comment on, a question has twenty minutes to answer. If I interrupt it, I’m rude, people realize and get sick with me. If I don’t interrupt him, I let him say what he wants all the time and I have no way of interfering.» Regarding Cristina and Alberto’s relationship she considers that «they should, because they are friends, argue a lot, and how well they do. There can be no full acceptance on one side and the other. They are very strong people politically, one is the president of the Presidency at all, and she is a gravitating person who pushed that president to the place where he is»In a personal capacity, the journalist stated that, at 73, doing what she likes is what gives her vitality, as well as «praying intensely because I find the life I have had a lie to me». He also recounted that despite having had many opportunities, he never thought of being a politician although he received, among other offers, being Minister of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires during the government of Macri. «It’s crazy, » he said.

The journalist, creator of «cosmic barrel», an adjective that propitious him to Maradona while recounting the goal that the football star made to England at the 86 World Cup was regretted by the player’s death, a fact that affected him deeply: «I didn’t sleep all night. Bits, fifteen minutes, I’d wake up. All the time thinking about Diego.» Victor Hugo defined himself as a sincere, frank and open person, «a person who openly strives to be better. He’s trying to be very faithful. And that he has as an arbiter of his life the best friends of his childhood and the best friends of his first youth.» In conclusion, he expressed feeling like a person extremely fortunate by the woman with which she shared her life for more than 41 years: «She’s beautiful inside, and that’s a great possibility of happiness. Happiness doesn’t exist, they’re branches, but it’s been the center of life, the positive thing I’ve had in my life.» 

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