translated from Spanish: In Mexico City you can now get a driver’s license digitally On the CDMDX you can now get a driver’s license digitally

In Mexico City you can now digitize the driver’s license and it will have the same validity as the physical license, reported by the Government of Mexico City.
The reforms to the Regulations of the Mobility Law of Mexico City, aimed to establish the possibility of issuing, renewing and replenishing the Type A Driver’s License, digitally, that is, a digital driver’s license (type A only) is created. To obtain it, interested parties must provide on the digital platform determined by the Ministry of Mobility, the following documents: Payment of Rights, Proof of Address, as well as official photo ID pending on your identity and age (voting credential, passport, professional photo id card or National Military Service ID card), and Curp or RFC. 
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This reform, although it entered into force from 12 December 2020, its material implementation is subject to the Ministry of Mobility issuing the guidelines determining the implementation, issuance and renewal of the digital license to drive Type A.
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