translated from Spanish: Monday, key day for public sector readjustment: organizations await Briones counterproposal

Negotiations between the Government and the Public Sector Bureau will continue on Monday, December 14, which will be a key day to close a possible protocol of agreement between the parties before the project is sent to Congress.
As reported by the organizations, the Minister of Finance, Ignacio Briones, asked for some time to be able to make a counter proposal, which will be held at this new meeting.
The last offer that the Government put on the table was a readjustment of 2.5% and also increased the tranche of beneficiaries, considering that in the case of rents over $1.4 million, the adjustment would be 0.5%.
However, «we are still at a considerable distance from what is required in the negotiating statement, as benefits of public officials,» notes the latest official MSP-CUT communiqué.
From the Public Sector Bureau, made up of the 16 organizations coordinated by the United Workers Center (CUT), they expect the amount of the adjustment to be 3%, for remuneration up to $3,000,000, and 2.8% above that cut-off line.
The argument of the trade union organizations of the Public Sector Bureau is that state workers should not lose purchasing power, considering as a minimum floor the accumulated CPI, from November 2019 to November 2020, of 2.7%. In addition, it is necessary to respect the conquests of the MSP-CUT such as holiday and end-of-conflict bonds.
ANEF President José Pérez Debelli said that «we have been angry in pointing out that no worker can lose purchasing power, i.e. any proposal must start over the cumulative CPI of 2.7%, and that has not been clearly answered. In addition, we have argued that you cannot lose trade union conquests for years, which are rights acquired from this Public Sector Bureau, such as the holiday and term of conflict bond.»
Patricia Valderas, president of the National Fenats, called on «the government and the minister to react, to think of a country that is at a critical time and think of the people who have the least. Make an effort and put on the table figures that will go back to recover what we have lost this year.»

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