translated from Spanish: Neighbors of Los Tulipanes, Los Mochis, call for land cleanup

The Mochis, Sinaloa.- Neighbors of the Los Tulipanes fraction, of the city of Los Mochis, ask the municipal authorities of Ahome to clean up a donation area located by Antonio Flores street, between Olas Altas boulevard and Calle Melocotón.De agreement with the inhabitants of this sector, on one occasion the land was cleared, but they have already grown up to shrubs and certain large plants , but the hassle of the neighbors is that people come from other places to throw trash, so the area looks completely like a dumpster.
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They invited Ahome Public Utilities to come to the site and carry out the corresponding work, as they state that the image of this fractionation is affected by the situation in which this land is located. 

Green area
The neighbors of the fractionation ask the authorities of the municipality to build a park in this donation area so that families can enjoy in coexistence.

Neighbors of Los Tulipanes also ask authorities to install stops for cars to slow down Antonio Flores Street. Photo: Debate

The neighbors of the Tulipanes fraction also complained that the sector is unsafe, as there are constantly thefts in the houses, so they call for more security in this settlement. 

Los Tulipanes is a young fractionation that has all the services. In addition, it is very well located, it is also very close to the area of the main squares of the city of Los Mochis. Photo: Debate

The main complaint of the neighbors is the donation area as they have used it as a dumpster. This situation generates a bad image for all fractionation. Photo: Debate

Original source in Spanish

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