translated from Spanish: Pavel Castro has already served his term

Between lawyers. Size lío put together the lawyer Martín López Félix when asking three lawyers to have a «black record»: Arturo Duarte, Luis Polo Palafox and Emigdio Martínez. Yesterday, the president of the College of Notaries of Sinaloa, Jesús Zazueta Ibarra, endorsed the appointments by saying that after the fiat of Governor Quirino Ordaz are the examinations that were applied to the supporters. He even said that the granting of the factual is an exclusive faculty of the Executive and he will have his reasons or the evidence that led to granting them. But that’s not all: yesterday, the member of the Confederation of Associations and Bar Associations of Mexico called for the resignation of the leader of the notaries for declaring that they did meet the requirements, when López Félix confirmed that they do not have the record of training and updating to be granted the company. Just there. Get out now. Ahome’s solicitor’s syndicate didn’t walk the branches. Following the setback given by the Electoral Court of the State of Sinaloa in answering Pável Castro’s appeal that there is no doubt in the decision of 2 December, he said that the holder of the Internal Control Body should no longer be working because the official has already had his time. That is, since November 24th, Castro Félix has been finished. Now we must see who the solicitor’s trustees propose, because if it has already been shown that they engaged in gender-based political violence by not respecting their powers, now, even on the order of the Teesin, they will. The deadline ends on December 18. It must be used that these are election times and it is not necessary to comply with the provisions of the Teesin. No? In promotion. Local MP Sergio Jacobo Gutiérrez is the one who is still touring the state. His visits to Los Mochis have been frequent. He ensures that his party, the Institutional Revolutionary, is ready to win, put the one in front of him.  What optimism! He now presented his book Comparative Politics, which aims to give students, teachers and citizens a vision of Mexican politics compared to the rest of the world. The presentation took place in the lobby of the Ingenio Theatre. It addresses issues related to democracy, transitions to democracy, political parties, electoral systems, electoral behavior… It would be nice if you gave them to those looking for a representation charge in 2021, see if they learn anything, because if it’s about buying it, who knows.

Arrogance. They say the secretary of the City council of El Fuerte, Leonel Vea Gámez, is demanding that officials «align» to their project in search of the municipal presidency or they will be terminated. They leaked a conversation from an official WhatsApp chat. It turns out that the secretary of the commune demanded the resignation of Fernando Vega, deputy director of Municipal Planning, because he opposed his project. They say Leonel Vea is loaded well by an advisor to the City Council, who is from Guasave, and the holder of Transparency, originally from Los Mochis. That he is treated as mayor, and all because they claim that the state leader of the PRI, Jesús Valdés, has already committed to Mayor Nubia Ramos that the candidacy will be for Leonel Vea. Look. See who quits. Tests. Although parties do not agree or define candidates, the National Electoral Institute is already on their own. The INE District Board 02 yesterday applied the review for aspiring supervisors and election trainers. Francisco Cabrera Valenzuela reported that 657 people underwent the test. The results will be published on Tuesday. The first 90 will be called to interviews from 16 to 18 at the INE facility; of these, the top 30 would fill the post of electoral supervisor. That’s 174 polling places for election assistant trainers. All according to the 2021 election calendar.

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