translated from Spanish: Court orders parties to nominate women in 7 out of 15 governors

By four votes to three, the Superior Chamber of the Federal Electoral Court ordered political parties to nominate female candidates in 7 of the 15 governors to be renewed in next year’s elections.
The magistrates agreed to «link» the parties to comply with this order, so that the measure is mandatory.
During the vote, in a session of about four hours, the plenary debate whether the parties should be «linked» or only «exhorted».
While Judges José Luis Vargas, President of the Superior Chamber, Indalfer Infante and Felipe Fuentes opted for the recommendation, Janine Otálora, Monica Soto, Felipe de la Mata and Reyes Rodríguez supported mandatory linking parties to meet the criterion of parity in the gubernaturas.
The mandatory linkage proposal was from Judge Felipe de la Mata.
«I am not in favour of the proposed exhortation, and I am in favour of binding, directly, national political parties to have seven candidates for governor,» he said.
The approved judgment was an amendment to the original draft of the rapporteur, Janine Otálora, to order the NSO and the Local Public Electoral Bodies (OPLE) to ensure that the parties nominated female candidates in 8 out of 15 governors.
The resolution reversed the guidelines previously endorsed by the NSO that sought to address the absence of regulations regulating parity in governments.
The High Chamber noted that the electoral arbitrator had no power to issue such a regulation, as it was an exclusively legislative power.
The ruling also orders local congresses and the federal congress to rule on this vacuum after the 2021 election.
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