translated from Spanish: Maxim Zorreguieta ran out of words in a zoom after an outburr of a participant

It was an online event with a hundred women from the Dutch organization Fempower your growth, an entity dedicated to bringing together women entrepreneurs with representatives of banks or the world of finance so that together, with the Queen of Holland, Máxima Zorreguieta, they develop and optimize their business projects in the future Suddenly, as the meeting took place, one of the participants , perhaps not knowing that everyone could hear it, threw a strong improperio that literally left the monarch of Argentine origin literally speechless, who was first surprised and then totally bewildered.

When the moderator welcomed the queen and gave the presentation of what the conference was about, one of the participants of the talk, surely unaware that she had the microphone open, complained about the image quality. And he did it in a way that’s not even consistent with real protocols
“Could it look a little better? Or can you just see this shitty picture?” asked, angry, the woman.

In the video of the talk, it is possible to see Maximus’ surprise reaction when listening to the improperio. First he ends up looking to the side and then he looks back to the front without knowing what to say, his eyes wide open in bewilderment.

Original source in Spanish

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