translated from Spanish: Senior man dies when he is run over by passenger truck in Zamora, Michoacán

Zamora, Michoacán.- A senior man died immediately after a passenger truck hit him and crushed his head. After what happened, the person responsible escaped on an unknown course.
The fatal accident occurred on the morning of this Monday, on the corner formed by Valladolid and Guadalupe streets, in the Valencia Segunda Sección colony, in this city of Zamora and was reported to the authorities by local neighbors, who upon realizing what happened requested support from an ambulance.
Minutes later, elements of the Police and Municipal Transit, as well as Red Cross paramedics, arrived at the site, the latter attempted to assist the affected person, however, the man already lacked vital signs for which they confirmed his decess.
The area was cordoned off by Public Security personnel. The occiso at the moment is uninfifiable, which is a male between 50 and 60 years old, who wore a blue denim trousers, yellow T-shirt and white tennis.
As for the alleged cul-responsible, it was only known from some curious people that it is the driver of a passenger truck of the Coffee Route marked with the economic number 01, so it is already sought by the authorities.
Staff from the State Attorney General’s Office arrived in the area of intervention and undertook law enforcement actions as well as moving the body to the local morgue for rigorous examinations and pending its being identified by its loved ones.

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