translated from Spanish: The Argentine company that wants to become the «Netflix of Food»

Frizata arrived to break the schemes in the domestic food industry. This is what rosarinos Adolfo Rouillón and José Robledo, creators of this company that produces, markets and distributes frozen food directly to the home and without intermediaries, and who define it as «Netflix, but of food», thinks so. The company got on the MeatFree train, which the founders call the «food of the future.» Among them, the FriBurger is untied, the first burger in the country that recreates the taste, color and experience of meat – they assure – but without meat, as it is a vegetarian burger made from plants. In dialogue with Filo News, Rouillón, one of the co-founders of food tech that was created in 2019, told how the idea was born, how MeatFree food is made and what new products they plan to launch.

Adolfo Rouillón and José Robledo, the creators of Frizata. Photo: Frizata

-How is Frizata born?-Frizata arises from our experience undertaking in the food industry and in technology. With José Robledo we have been partners for 25 years. 20 years ago we founded the Amtec factory software; in 2008 we created Frozen South, a frozen food development company for large food companies and supermarket chains. Every day we wonder what do we eat today? With Frizata we come to solve precisely this need with an experience that will change the food of every day forever. We came to break the rules so that eating in a practical, healthy and adapted way to the needs of customers is possible.-Are they pioneers in the field of food tech?-Frizata is the first Argentine food company of frozen one hundred percent digital. We are reinventing the industry that has remained innovation-free for 50 years. We use technology to make the products that people want to eat and not those that the supermarket wants to sell, so we listen to the consumer continuously to make better versions of food and develop new lines adapted to their needs. In addition, we reach consumers in one click, directly and without intermediaries, through our e-commerce. We currently operate in Buenos Aires and Gran Buenos Aires, La Plata, Rosario and Córdoba. Among our expansion plans is to land in Brazil and Chile in the coming months.

FriNuggets. Photo: Frizata

-Which audience do you aim to reach?-Our customers seek practicality to solve their food at home; quality and variety are essential, as well as being able to access affordable prices. In the product portfolio we have from vegetables such as spinach, diced onion or a wok mix; specialties of potatoes, healthy pizzas with wholemeal dough of spinach and seeds, a wide variety of veggies such as spinach and oat Milanese or broccoli burgers, peas and chia and an innovative Meat Free line. By the end of the year we plan to exceed 70 products, thus becoming the brand of greatest variety in the category of Latin America. -How are Meat Free foods made? Do they replace the properties that meat or chicken has?-To reach the structure of vegetable meat, it is part of the soybean because it is the food of greatest protein contribution within the plant kingdom, in addition it provides most of the essential amino acids that our body needs. We also include egg protein for its high biological value. We only use ingredients that exist in nature: there is not a secret ingredient really, but a lot of work and knowledge of each of them. We do not use preservatives or artificial ingredients in any of our products.

FriBites. Photo: Frizata

-What products do you have in mind to start manufacturing in the future?-A team of researchers in our lab is working with new proteins focused on replicating the texture, taste and nutritional profile of tuna (FriTuna) and other equipment hacking pork (FriPork), because we consider that to transform the protein consumption matrix, in addition to an excellent sensory experience, we need nutritional quality nutritional quality , variety and affordable prices. That’s our obsession. Offering a variety of products to customers is the impact that Frizata creators are looking for. Therefore, in addition to the FriBurger, within the FRI line launched the FriNuggets, FriBites (meatballs stuffed with mozzarella), a Stuffed Freiburger and recently the FriEmpanadas of vegetable meat. In short, a menu of options that came to revolutionize the way we eat.

FriEmpanadas. Photo: Frizata

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