translated from Spanish: 25% of the population has been exposed to Sars-Cov-2: survey

In Mexico, 25% of the population has been exposed to SARS-COV2 virus, according to preliminary results from the National Health and Nutrition Survey (Ensanut COVID-19).
At a press conference, Juan Rivera, director of the National Institute of Public Health, explained that the exercise consisted of measuring «whether people had specific antibodies for SARS-COV2», to which 24.8% tested positive after obtaining blood samples that were then processed in the laboratory.
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The survey, he detailed, was conducted in 9,400 households, between August and November 2020, in which 7,98 blood samples were obtained.
Of the 25% of people who tested positive for 70% antibodies had no symptoms; 10% only some, but not all that are required to detect COVID-19, and 20% did have symptoms.

According to preliminary results from the ENSANUT survey, conducted from August to November, 70% of patients with positive results to the virus had no symptoms.
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«That means most of us are asymptomatic so we could continue to spread the virus, so it’s important to follow the recommended measures,» he said in presenting the preliminary results.
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The official warned that neither the 75% that tested negative, nor 25% of the positives are immune to COVID-19, as there is a chance of reinfection, so he asked not to let his guard down.
On December 15, Mexico accumulated a total of 115 thousand 99 deaths per COVID-19, according to health authorities. 
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