translated from Spanish: Cyber confesses that because of Laura Bozzo, it was veted from Televisa

One of the highest-grossing and charismatic fighters of the last 20 in Mexico is undoubtedly Cybernetic, who the same gives to speak for his performances in the ring, as well as when he is in another activity. The former multiple champion revealed that because of the behavior Laura Bozzo was vetted from the company Televisa.Now with the social media boom, some characters of Mexican wrestling suddenly become more popular, with surprise comments or actions that generate controversy
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Cybernetic, 45 years old, had a great stage in AAA and he went on to consecrate important fiefdoms within the ring with elements such as La Parka or the Son of the Aguayo Dog, to name two examples.

But his television presence was significantly effected in recent years, which is why his thousands of fans wondered the reason for his absence themselves that, recently, the Cybernetic himself confessed through a video on Facebook that relates to Laura Bozzo, Peruvian driver who would have been the cause of his veto of Televisa.Cibernético was invited to one of the programs that Bozzo had on Televisa a few years ago. There lla Peruana lashed out at him for calling women, a situation that annoyed the wrestler by ensuring that many females liked to be called that. It was then that the dimes and diretes were given, Laura Bozzo stood in front of him and challenged him to call it the same, to which Cybernetic only nodded and made mocking of his gifts, noting that now he wanted to receive a “sandwich cart” as a consolation prize.” Would you call me a bitch?’ ‘Sure, that’s the only way you want to take it off, all men are the same.’ ‘What, are you going to give me a sandwich cart or a scholarship?” said Cybernetic, who claimed that this cost him a veto of Televisa for almost three years. But this is not the first time the extreme wrestler causes conflict within the various Mexican television shows. It is necessary to remember the problem he had with businessman and former boxer Jorge Kahwagi during a night program in which some of the wrestlers had to separate them. CARRERAOctavio López Arriola, better known as Cybernetic has worked in several companies such as World Wrestling Council (CMLL), World Wrestling Federation (WWF), Universal Wrestling Association (UWA), Elite Wrestling (Elite League), International Wrestling Revolution Group (IWRG), although he has excelled more in his time in the AAA Worldwide Wrestling.The gladiator originally from Aguascalientes has been a three-time world champion by being a world champion. , once IWC World FullWeight Champion and once UWA World FullWeight Champion. In 2008 when he left AAA, Cybernetic found refuge on independent circuits, but in 2009 he returned to the cast of triple A.

Original source in Spanish

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