translated from Spanish: Amazon unveiled its four-passenger, driverless robotaxi

American giant Amazon, by businessman Jeff Bezos, has introduced his first robotaxi, after acquiring Zook, which is responsible for the development of autonomous vehicles. The e-commerce company is involved in sustainable mobility, thinking of agile transport for four passengers and driverless. It is an autonomous taxi with symmetrical design that measures 3.5 meters in which all its wheels are guidelines, so its maneuverability will be one of its identity characteristics. It is capable of performing precise maneuvers such as dodging double-row vehicles or performing U-turns that could be more complicated. All thinking to solve high-traffic situations.

It is capable of reaching 120 kilometers per hour. The range has not yet been revealed, although amazon indicates that it will be able to make intercity journeys for 16 hours in a row thanks to its battery with capacity of 133 kWh.To move accurately it has six lidar devices that determine the distance that exists since the robotaxi in relation to a target or surface. They are combined with cameras and various radar sensors to control the environment. All these elements allow the vehicle to see at a distance of up to 150 meters. Passengers, inside, have wireless charging mats and a touch screen where they can choose music, see the route or control the air conditioning.

With the goal of revolutionizing transportation and deliveries, Amazon is advancing the creation of a fleet of autonomous taxis that it already tests in some U.S. cities.
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