translated from Spanish: Conacyt announces mexican COVID-19 vaccine

The director of the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt), María Elena Alvarez-Buylla, announced that the agency is supporting three to five projects to develop a Mexican vaccine against COVID-19.
“By presidential term, now by 2021, Conacyt’s priority is to develop and produce this national vaccine against COVID-19 and there is no reason not to do so; there are always risks in scientific research and technological development, but we will be in every effort, as with the fans, which are primarily dedicated to this endeavor,” he said at a press conference on the occasion of the Council’s second national report.
The director of conacyt mentioned that the complete information will be given “in turn”, when the projects are mature enough and selected.
However, it went ahead that there was coordination with Mexican companies to develop vaccines in a mixed investment agreement and in collaboration with Birmex, the parastatal responsible for distributing vaccines.
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“We will participate from Conacyt with all the commitment that characterizes us and with all the conviction that we have capacity, there is no reason why we do not have a national vaccine in Mexico for the second vaccination period. And this is going to mean big savings, independence, anyway. We are committed to that issue.”
He also mentioned that research was being made into achieving their own ultrafreezing developments, necessary to be able to keep vaccines at extremely cold temperatures while being moved.
At the conference, Alvarez-Buylla also spoke about the extinction of 91 industry-linked trusts, approved last October.
He explained that it was until June to reorganize mechanisms for scientific projects to access financing, and how non-federal budget money—such as own revenue generated by research centers or state contributions—is going to be returned.
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