translated from Spanish: Gallardo on the VAR and helps River: «I don’t get carried away by nonsense»

From the River Camp and in what was the last formal practice before defining his ticket to copa Libertadores semi-finals, Marcelo Gallardo attended the traditional press conference in which he played several topics related to his team’s present, the arbitral rulings, the rival and the figure of Leo Ponzio.However, before entering his field, he referred to the criticisms and analysis that take place on the VAR, the last penalties that favored him and other situations linked to the judges. «I don’t get carried away with that nonsense and we can’t give importance to how external things want to destabilize us.»

Gallardo: «The second against Nacional was a very nice goal, we must add continuity over those values. The opponent studies you, tries to take you to uncomfortable ground and there we have to be predisposed to play it. That’s having a combative spirit.» — River Plate (@RiverPlate)
December 16, 2020

«This is a team that has been demonstrating for 5 or 6 years and that’s why everyone respects it and earned it by playing, I know where things come from and we are sure of who we are, it is no coincidence to keep everything,» added Marcelo Gallardo, who continued to defend the work done above all else.» There are so many delicate things we had to go through and we are competing at the step of a new semi-final, safety gives you everything we’ve done these years; sustaining himself is a difficult thing and we did,» he said before talking about Nacional, who must go for the two goals that give him a chance to dream of qualifying.
«We have to be prepared for everything, we have two goals of advantage and they are going to have to go out and play and look for goals that put it in match and you have to be smart and play with energy. Nacional is going to play long time with Bergessio and look for the second ball and you have to be attentive to that second ball and if you go out and play more on the outside, you have to be careful to look for those spaces,» he said. Still, he did not define the 11 that will jump on the pitch pending some recoveries, but he did confirm Leo Ponzio as the sole starter, in what is a surprise. «It’s because he earned it, he did merit and neither I nor anyone else gave him anything, every minute he plays he earns it with his professionalism, with his spirit and his desire.» When it’s not his turn to play, he accompanies very well so when you get angry about a change look at Ponzio at the bank, that gives us Leo and I tell him to take advantage and enjoy it because when it’s over and even the pandemic hasn’t made him come down,» the «Doll» closed at a press conference.

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