translated from Spanish: In beige silk dress Belinda says goodbye to 2020

Belinda, 28 years old, gives us back chair of how the year should be dismissed with real elegance and size and it was through a silk beige dress, which was very flirtatious the artist originally from Spain, but believed in Mexico City, because when one talks about the young fast relate it to fashion. And it is that in recent years Belinda has given everything to fashion, that is why she decided to put on this elegant dress, in addition to combining it with accessories apparently of the brand Tous, to look like a real princess, also released a very wise message with which her millions of followers identified.
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This year was very different from what we had in mind, many plans we put them on pause and all our «normality» changed, that’s why together with @tousjewelry I want to wish you a Christmas as normal, with the same people, traditions and recipes. I love !!, belinda’s message says.

Another thing that caught Belinda’s attention was the simple and elegant hairstyle, as she opted for an ironed hair next to a discreet makeup with which she wanted to splurge true simplicity, as well as a pose worthy of an empowered woman because this has also been known to the interpreter of Bella Traición.» Excited about this first Christmas Nodeli», «Wow how beautiful you are and much more inside», «The best gift we have this Christmas are you», «Merry Christmas and beautiful new year, I love you and I appreciate always having met you. It still shines,» Belinda was written for the photo which reached over 600,000 likes. But that was not the only Christmas postcard that Belinda shared, because in another she appears in a hat of Santa Clau, with which the singer looked very tender, besides the sweater that the young woman wears is the perfect one for the time, so she continued to fill with flattery. Another thing Belinda fans are very happy about is that it will be the first time Belinda and Christian Nodal spent Christmas together, which is why the networks have commented that both singers could be given away for dates, so it’s still a mystery. For those who don’t know, Belinda and Christian Nodal have spent all this time together, just look at their stories on Instagram, where both singers spend their time wasting love at all times, even going on a trip at various times because they try to enjoy their love to the fullest.

Belinda in a beige dress unleashed madness for her elegance/Instagram

The couple is so unique on social networks that they even already have their own fan page, where their fans try to rescue the best moments of Belinda and Christian Nodal, which are very tender and also fun, because like every young man the singers have fun when they are together, as on the birthday of Christian Nodal’s mother, where young people had fun all night in the port of Mazatlan.

Let us remember that the love between Belinda and Christian Nodal was given in the recordings of The Aztec Voice, where they were both coaches, but over time they became known by taking the arrow between the two, that’s why when the romance became known many could not believe it, since it was thought that it would be an advertising strategy, but the reality came to light when they spoke for the cameras of Ventaneando, where they made it clear that they were actually boyfriends.

Original source in Spanish

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