translated from Spanish: Jumapag will not have a fee update by 2021

Guasave.- The Jumapag Council agreed not to update the drinking water quota rate by 3.3 per cent, so as not to affect the economy of the population in this health contingency, and will apply the residential tariff to large consumers, along with other collection alternatives, such as regularization in the payment of connection rights for fractional companies in Guasave , Sinaloa.La proposal is also to expand the user standard, reduce the overdue portfolio and strengthen the commercial area to increase revenue without hitting the economy, reported Nubia Yazmín Puentes Llanos, who highlighted that there is progress in monthly collection and in the different operational programs. 
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Reingresa Canacintra At the Council meeting, José Luis Orozco, president of Canacintra, was protested as a counselor, who thanked the municipal president for the support so that the industrial sector could provide proposals for paramunicipal. He said that it was a good indication that more than a year after requesting that the House be added to the council, this would be taken into account. The meeting also approved the financial statements for the first, second and third quarters of 2020, authorized the income and egress budget for the 2021 financial year, analyzed the operational progress of the Board and the efforts to resolve debt to the CFE.

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