translated from Spanish: Linking former puebla staff for illicit enrichment

The former panist deputy and former operator of Moreno Valle, Eukid ‘N’, was linked to prosecution for the crime of illicit enrichment, after he did not prove the legitimacy of «several million pesos», reported by the Puebla Prosecutor’s Office.
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Through a statement, the Public Prosecutor’s Office detailed that the uncredited income corresponds to its income while serving as a public servant in Puebla.
«In following up on the indequacy, the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Corruption supported evidence during the hearing and obtained from the judicial authority the linkage to the Eukid ‘N’ process for unlawful enrichment and justified pre-trial detention against it,» he said.
Their bank accounts and assets were also frozen for the duration of the investigation.

The @FiscaliaPuebla obtained a link to prosecution and pre-trial detention against Eukid N., accused of unlawful enrichment. It was found that the defendant did not prove the legitimacy of several million pesos of his income while serving as a public servant.
— FGE Puebla (@FiscaliaPuebla) December 16, 2020

The former deathman has been imprisoned since last March in the Cereso de Tepexi de Rodríguez, prosecuted for the crime of extortion in grievance of two individuals.
On Wednesday, Governor Miguel Barbosa said his administration has filed more than 66 complaints against former officials of panist governments that preceded it, including mega-works undertaken by former governor Rafael Moreno Valle.
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At a press conference, Barbosa indicated that among the works to be investigated are the tourist train, the cable car, the Service Integration Center, the route transport system, the rescue program to the Atoyac River, among others.
He announced that complaints were about to be filed by the International Baroque Museum, the platforms of Audi and Ciudad Modelo.
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