translated from Spanish: «McCartney III»: 50 years later, the former Beatle completes the trilogy

In April 1970, Paul McCartney announced the end of the Beatles. Days later, he released «McCartney», his first solo album, which had been secretly recorded at home, after John Lennon announced that he wanted to leave the group.» McCartney II» arrived ten years later, in a similar context. The singer-songwriter faced the end of Wings, the group he had led after the Beatles’ separation, which would eventually take fruit in 1981.

This Friday, 50 years after the first album, the Briton completes the trilogy with «McCartney III». Back in the privacy of his home – this time because of the coronavirus pandemic – on his family farm in Sussex, the former Beatle recorded and produced this album which, following the release of «Egypt Station» (2018), was not planned for this year.

But the isolated days, as he explained himself, were long, so he decided to go into the studio and review old material. It was precisely an unpublished theme of the ’90s, «When Winter Comes», the trigger for the composive flow. McCartney includes 10 other songs on the album: «Long Tail Winter Bird» (the album’s first track), «Pretty Boys», «Lavatory Lil», «Slidin», «The Kiss of Venus», «Seize the day», «Deep Down; and closes with «Winter Bird/When Winter Comes», a theme that begins as the one that opens this work, but which, after a series of chords, leads to a song recorded in 1997.This Friday the 18th, the artist will complete the trilogy that, why not, could kick the point to a new era.

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