translated from Spanish: Pablo Zabaleta: «The best place for Messi is Manchester City»

For several months now Lionel Messi has not felt comfortable playing at Barcelona, a club that saw him grow up, develop as a footballer and become a legend of the sport. In fact, one of the news of the year was his failed attempt to emigrate from Catalonia to another team. Today, recently retired footballer Pablo Zabaleta said Manchester City, where he took a historic step as a defender, is the best place the striker can go.» There he has a close friend, Sergio Aguero, and already worked with Pep Guardiola in Barcelona, so they know each other very well. And even some members of that club’s sports management were also at Barca before,» Stadium Astro told YouTube channel.

He said: «That’s why, if Messi decides to leave Barcelona to play in a different league and country, of course City would be one of the best places.» Finally, the defender who shared the world runner-up in 2014 with Messi spoke about the obvious state of disappointment in which the Argentine is currently playing. «The truth is that it is sad to see Messi in this situation, because I never thought I would be in the last year of his contract with Barcelona. But it’s true that the team isn’t playing well and he doesn’t seem to be enjoying his football, so we’ll have to see that he will decide Lío at the end of the season with his future,» he said.

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