translated from Spanish: The CDMX and Brenda Zambrano united for an excellent photo shoot

Mexico City.- One of the largest cities in the world, as the CDMX once again welcomed in its streets the beautiful Brenda Zambrano who did not waste the opportunity to take some photos that will remain for posterity, where she shows her great style of dress and also her great talent for posing anywhere. Through her Instagram account, the Victoria City-born Tamaulipas shared 3 photographs where she can be seen wearing an eye-catching, somewhat urban outfit with a mini denim short, a pink top and a small jacket for the cold, her accessories were a pink bag and Nike Jordan sneakers also with pink, black and soft tones , altogether an outfit worthy of his figure. 
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Already with the outfit more than defined, the acapulco Shore expert set out to pose for the photographs. In the first, you can see the traditional pose with your hands in the bags and looking at a place other than the camera, that adorned by the bare of your long legs. The next two photos can be seen to the influencer already on a bench, there you could see more closely some details, such as her purse, and tennis.
With only a few hours of publication it has already surpassed more than 100 thousand likes and a little more comments that mostly flatter it for its beauty and its great figure. Celebrities like beautiful Isabel Madow were some of the people who left a message for Brenda Zambrano. 
Recently Brenda was out of town enjoying a well-deserved vacation in the company of her family and especially her partner, who were very happy on their journey with some photos where they appeared together. Her stay was made on a beach something exclusive near Puerto Escondido. Brenda has been harshly criticized in recent months following her participation in the Televisa Guerreros program, where she was expelled a few weeks ago for being one of the competitors who had to leave it. Besides the criticisms towards her body have been among the main ones she has received, Brenda has already accepted some operations and apparently the comments are not something that interests her very much. Now she prepares to receive Christmas, in recent days she shared some photos where she is already seen next to the Christmas tree for this next December 25, and of course could not miss her cats, as she has defined herself as a lover of those little friends. 

Original source in Spanish

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