translated from Spanish: Gender Violence: Cops with complaints won’t be able to carry weapons

The Ministry of Security provided for a restriction on the carrying of weapons for police personnel who have been reported for gender-based violence or domestic violence. The decision was formalized on Thursday and published in the Official Gazette through resolution 471/2020 which was signed by Sabina Frederic and consists of 6 articles. The application of this standard will be carried out by the National Directorate of Gender Policies of the Ministry of Security.The resolution also states in article 1 that: «The restriction of weapons shall govern when deemed advisable under the circumstances and severity of the case». They extend in an annex that: «The modalities in which the restriction will be made shall be «preventive or with a precautionary measure». The first case shall be considered where «not yet a precautionary measure issued by the competent judicial authority, and after the specific assessment of one or more complaints in any way to the National Directorate of Gender Policy, suggest that the endowment weapon may pose an imminent risk to the victim». It was also established that «a Physician Recognition Board will intervene in order to assess the psychophysical status of the reported personnel, as well as their aptitude for the carrying of weapons». In the meantime, the modality «with precautionary measure» shall be considered where «staff are reached by any of the measures provided for in Articles 26 of Law No. 26.485 and/or 4 of Law 24.417», the resolution states. Of which it is specified that: the restriction may be «partial or total». Being partial when it «allows the person affected by the measure to use the endowment weapon only during the working day, having to deposit it in the armory of his destination at the end of it». And total when : «in the face of the assessment of a serious case such as sexual abuse or attempted sexual abuse, serious injury, attempted murder/femicide, when the reported personnel are detained at the disposal of justice before the possible commission of an offender», among others.

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