translated from Spanish: Gustavo Quinteros advanced the match against UC: «We have to take advantage of his weaknesses»

Colo Colo’s coach, Gustavo Quinteros, hopes to take advantage of the hit suffered by UC in Copa Sudamericana and his extensive knowledge of the Crusaders when facing this Saturday the classic at the Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo.The cast of the strip comes from being eliminated last night in the quarter-finals of the aforementioned continental contest , at the hands of Velez Sarsfield, after a painful 1-3 defeat in the precordillera (global 3-4). He also recorded that Quinteros led the 2019 Precordillerano team in 2019, reaching the national championship title. «I know a hundred percent of all their players, I had them all,» he said at a press conference.» I know your strengths, weaknesses that are very few and we have to work to take advantage and counter many possibilities that the rival will propose to us. It’s a good team, with good players, and we have to try to take advantage of the deficiencies they may have with our weapons, which we have analyzed and are training,» he added. The Argentine-origin strata also noted that the idea is not to take refuge in front of one of the tournament leaders. «You have to go out and attack the opponent and bear fruit of it, while still thinking that we’re going to face one of the best three teams in the country, now he’s freed or eliminated from an international tournament and he’s going to focus fully on the national, that can be harder,» he said. It will be a very played match, very intense, it is what we want to propose, intensity, not let the good players that it has play. On match day, whoever is clearer, who decides best and makes the best decisions will have more chances of winning it, so let’s take advantage. We’re trying to focus on what we can do,» he added. Even the other national teamer from Ecuador and Bolivia believes that the opponent’s coperative elimination «can affect some players on the mood side… I don’t know how many days or if it will affect when playing the match with us, it can also happen that when you are left out of an international tournament you focus on the other goal that is always, or over the last few years, the main objective, the National Championship.» Finally, Quinteros expressed the possibility that experienced flyer Jorge Valdivia could play a few minutes against UC. «He made football today and it’s more possible for him to make his debut. We did football for 35 minutes, he did everything and well. I think it will end well all week of work, I hope it feels good and that if I can get in I can bring its quality to the team,» he said.

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