translated from Spanish: ICovid report: Report increased coronavirus hospitalizations

The ICovid Report, carried out by the universities of Chile, Catholic and Concepción, with information from the ministries of Health and Science and Technology reported an increase in coronavirus hospitalizations in Chile.» It is noteous that the weekly rate of variation of total hospitalizations by Covid-19 has increased from -3% to 4% over the past week,» says the team. In addition, the report states that «while the level continues in green, since the change is of small magnitude, a change in direction (sign) of bed variation» stands out for the first time, a «phenomenon that has not occurred since the end of September». In this line, it notes that the average total occupancy of ICU beds nationwide was 86.5%, indicator in red according to data available until 9 December, with «especially critical» numbers in the regions of La Araucanía (97%), Antofagasta (85.7%), Coquimbo (89.4%), Valparaiso (89.6%), Metropolitan (90%) Biobío (85.9%), «a situation that has already been prolonged for several weeks in these regions.» The UCI bed capacity of the Metropolitan Region is quite on the edge, so all the worrying situations in various southern regions, which are suffering greatly from congestion, cannot be overcome by transfers to the Metropolitan Region,» explained epidemiologist Paula Margozzini.

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