translated from Spanish: In pursuit, SSP detains one in possession of firearm, cartridges and drug

Villa Jiménez, Mich.- Result of an operational action implemented in this municipality, staff of the Secretariat of Public Safety (SSP), arrested a male person, in possession of a firearm, 24 useful cartridges, as well as several wrappers containing granulated substance, apparently methamphetamine; It also secured the unit in which the person involved was travelling, which has overlapping plates.
On prevention routes carried out over the town of Zipimeo, Michoacán Police officers located a Seat-branded vehicle, which was driving at speed, so its operator was kept, and the authority’s indication was ignored, with a persecution starting.
During the operational action, the person involved lost control of the unit and collided, descending from the motor and undertaking the ground foot escape, being secured meters later.
The now-detained identified as Alán J., carried a firearm, two magazines and 24 useful cartridges, as well as the aforementioned drug; In addition, after checking the vehicle’s background, it was confirmed that it has overlapping plates.
Once the respective proceedings have been carried out, the indeiciated and the insured were made available to the competent authority to determine their legal status.
The SSP urges the population to report any criminal events to lines 911 and 089.

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