translated from Spanish: Juana Repetto traveled to Miami and was outraged: «The plane was blown up»

Juana Repetto and Sebastián Graviotto married a few weeks ago and recently announced that they are expecting a child. After a difficult year, they undertook the long-awaited family vacation to Miami. 

However, the one-way trip was not what he expected and he was outraged at networks where he recounted among other things that «The plane was exploited of people.» His account of informing his followers about what it’s like to travel in this new pandemic context began: «At the airport there were few people, all with distance, in rows and that was much faster than normal because there are fewer people, but I reckon that because there are fewer flights. Not because there are fewer people on the planes themselves,» he said once he got on the plane, he detailed, «The plane was exploding! He was an anthill.» He added: «I thought they were going to leave a seat in the middle because… social esttachment, but that’s the balls. Side by side like ants,» remarking his indignation. The actress also explained that on the flight she appealed a lot to individual responsibility, and clarified: «Everyone with a beard, they make you sleep with a beard. They warn you that if you fall asleep with the beard on, you’re going to have to wake up.» And then he questioned, «But it’s still weird, because to eat you have to take it out.»

Despite that, the family was able to relax and enjoy Miami. «We arrived and met family. So they waited for us, in this department that is divine,» he said as he showed some postcards of the place that will be his home for the next few days.

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