translated from Spanish: Learn at Home II Preschool December 17

Students in Mexico continue the 2020-2021 school year with distance classes through the «Learn at Home II» program of the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP). This time, we provide you with the activities and questions for preschool level this Thursday, December 17, 2020 with the program «Learn at Home II». 
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Mathematics: I measure with me 
Today you will learn to estimate and compare distances with different resources. 

Activities «Learn at Home II»
Remember that your hand is not a rule, the following is a rule:
Do you know what a rule is used for? 
Do you remember which objects the girl measured with her hand, which of the objects is the largest?

Picture: SEP

Watch the following videos: Kids measuring

Yaiza measures with shoes

Emiliano measures with his hands

Miranda measuring with her arms 

Emiliano measures with his hands 2

Language: One day, when…
Today you will learn to relate in an orderly manner something that has happened to you and is special to you. Activities «Learn at Home II»

You know what it means to relate? 

Click HERE to read Rosita’s account when she went to the fera. 

Picture: SEP

Answer the following questions to help Rosita remember her journey at the fair. 
Can you imagine falling asleep at the fair? 
When did you go to the fair?
Who went with you?
Did you win the stuffed animal on the bikes?
What game did they get on first?
Who decided?
After the bikes what games did they go to?
After the marbles?
What happened after they got into the games?
What happened after they ate?
What did you do when you realized it was night?
What happened when you got home?

Good job!
Thank you for your effort
Learn at House II

Original source in Spanish

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