translated from Spanish: The crying of Alvaro Navia after saying goodbye to Polémica at the Bar

Wednesday night was special for members of Gerardo Sofovich’s legendary show, Controversial at the Bar. Because the comedian participates in the last 4 seasons of the cycle, he finishes his participation. 

«It’s going to be a unique night,» Mariano Iúdica announced at the start of the edition that she augured tears and excitement from the debate table team. «A special day has come for all of us who do the program, for you who are at home and celebrate it four whole years ago. For the entire dome of the canal they have supported this in a tremendous way. And for all those who have made Alvaro Navia a fundamental character of this controversy in the bar that makes current affairs humor, which won many awards and has many sponsors, because we have this kind of comedians, actors and people within our cast», explained Iúdica in the presence of Alvaro.» He is going to be a resounding life changer, he goes with his family to live in Uruguay because he has the greatest success today in that country that is called Controversy in the bar where he is not only an actor, but is a producer with Gustavo (Sofovich) and will play Don Mateo in the hairdresser», continued the driver. 
He said: «With Alvaro goes a fundamental part of the current mood of this program», excited. 

Navia, on her side, did her thing and dedicated a song whose musical basis was the classic «In My Way» and which I adapt the lyrics to dedicate words to the program that gave him so many satisfactions. Then came a compilation with the best moments of the comedian and ended with the words and an eternal embrace between the driver and Alvaro.  

Original source in Spanish

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