translated from Spanish: Dady Brieva’s summer functions are at risk because of the strong repudiation against him

2020 wasn’t an easy year for anyone, but less for Dady Brieva. During the year, the famous actor and comedian dropped some phrases that generated a strong repudiation among the people who cost him the loss of legitimacy and followers, both physical and in the networks.» A desire to grab an N1 619 truck and play bowling on July 9th… you don’t get an idea,» he said on his radio show after the mobilization against the government on October 12. In recent times, Brieva attended several television shows where he was interviewed and, specifically in Intruders, spoke about his loud and repudiating statements.

«I say how I feel. With all due respect, what I said about the truck, everybody knows that. Those who are outraged are them, not ours (…). I have a criminal complaint, which has already been dismissed and was now appealed again. I’m telling you, I don’t drop the sentences. I’m no stupid.» While Justice, at first instance, dismissed the complaint against him, there were many people who «canceled» the comedian for his sayings and ideology, so the functions he has scheduled for the summer 2021 season are in danger of having little turnout.

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