translated from Spanish: River revealed the first images of the Monumental’s new playing field

In the week of August 20, the first exchangers and cranes began to arrive at the gates of the Monumental Stadium, to start with a work that is planned, but that was dilated because of the pandemic and that has to do with the renovation so that the playing field of the club of Núñez is the best in Argentina.In this economic naivety , a hybrid terrain will be developed with a high percentage of natural turf and a remaining synthetic to give it greater durability and resistance with the matches played, as well as for the drainage that has always been a subject next to the Río de la Plata.
After more than three months of the start, for the first time some green has been seen on what used to be the court and on this occasion from the club revealed that it is starting with a turnout called Row Planting, having established a cooling and ventilation system below. It is applied by many FIFA-standard stadiums such as Camp Nou (Barcelona), Stamford Bridge (Chelsea) or Luzhniki itself (Moscow), where seven World Cup matches were played with a high level of resistance and allowing wear and tear to be much less.» The works advance in the Monumental: our new playing field is getting closer and closer,» the club said, proud of the advances, and which will arrive in the best way for a 2021 in which the America’s Cup will be played and where they could return, if the risks are reduced, with the fans in the grandstands.

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