translated from Spanish: So it was COVID vaccination simulation to apply in 3 minutes

At 10:13 this December 18, he started the COVID-19 vaccination drill with an operation led by the armed forces, which departed from the Customs of Mexico City International Airport (AICM) towards the 81st Infantry Battalion, in the mayor of Tlapan.
Tax Administration System (SAT) personnel verified the doses, although those used for the drill were influenza, THOSE of COVID-19, pfizer Biontec have not arrived in the country. 
Members of the armed forces then safeguarded them for transfer and distribution to designated vaccination centres in the capital and coahuila state. The first stage of application of the COVID-19 vaccine will have five points in the capital: Hospital Chivatito, Hospital El Vergel, Hospital del 81 Infantry Battalion, Central Military Hospital and the Operational Unit of the Military Field 1-A.
The objective of the drill was to adjust coordinations: the logistics since leaving the AICM, the security escort that will protect the van in which the doses will be moved, the cold network, the ability of the facilities to ensure healthy distance, the protocols to ensure the safety of the personnel to be vaccinated and, of course, the time in which they manage to immunize each person.
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The first COVID-19 vaccine to arrive in Mexico is expected to be a logistical challenge in this second half of December because of the low temperatures at which it needs to be preserved. This implies that the immunization process must be done quickly so as not to break the cold net. 
Miriam Veras Godoy, director of the National Center for Children’s and Adolescent Health at the Ministry of Health (Censia), reported, at a press conference during the drill, that each person was vaccinated in three minutes, the time set as a goal.  
“We were glad that we had calculated three minutes, with the whole process, from when people arrive at the registration to the exit and it was achieved.” The director of Censia explained that there were observers throughout the process, who identified details to be corrected, especially in the information system, “we will sit down and review to take corrective action.”
Veras Godoy explained that 120 elements of army personnel were emponed. What was applied to them was flu immunization. The official stated that the 81st Infantry Battalion, where the application drill was developed, consists of five modules. 
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What is being done,” she explained, is a census of all health workers to select who is frontline, they are being sent an invitation, they are asked if they will be vaccinated, when they answer yes, the appointment is detonating so that they reach the vaccination module, at which point they are told which one is their turn.
In accordance with the vaccination pattern authorized by the Ministry of Health, it will be verified that those attending are part of the staff to be responsible for the vaccination. They will then go through a triage area to check vital signs and to an area where their data will be confirmed. 
They will then be assigned a vaccination certificate, where they will receive the vaccine and then go to an observation area to follow up on any effects they have. There will be a medical team to assist you. Newly vaccinated persons should stay in that area for 30 minutes to ensure they do not have an immediate response, especially allergic. 
The civil service clarified that you do not yet have the drawers on which COVID vaccines will be placed, but others were used to measure the times. He also assured that already the staff of Mexico City and Coahuila received training, were shown the boxes and became practical on how to get the vaccines out.
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For his part, José Jesús Trujillo, Director of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine of Mexico City, explained that the same thing that was done in the Eighth Infantry Battalion will be replicated in the other points designated in the CDMX. 
He emphasized that vaccination cells are made up of staff from all institutions. Staff already have training for the management and conservation of the vaccine and not only in the application, but in the cold network, the risk and monitoring system, for traceability, which will ensure that everyone concludes the scheme. 
Trujillo emphasized that this is not an experimentation vaccine, is tested and highly rated. 107,000 schemes will arrive on the CDMX in the coming days. “The drill (which lasted about three hours) can be described as a success,” he stressed.  
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