translated from Spanish: They steal vehicle abroad in Concordia, Sinaloa

Concordia.- Rudolph Valentino S., 63, answers the name of a person originally from the state of Texas, United States, who on Thursday was stripped of his vehicle a Malibu 2020 with Nevada plates in the community of Chupaderos in Concordia, Sinaloa.The affected one was heading to the mountains when by vehicle failures due to lack of airpame fuel in an expendio at one of the exits of the mountain community mentioned above , while waiting for help three people of unknown identity offered to assist him without thinking that moments later he would be stripped of his vehicle and belongings, leaving him at the site referred to.
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It should be noted that this affected person does not dominate the Spanish language 100 percent so it was necessary for a translator to conduct an interrogation by public security elements that reached the place after an anonymous call.

Rudolph S. story that while waiting for help the now-fugitive subjects offered him help for moments later with luxury of violence and with a white gun taking away the vehicle and belongings he carried, I also add that the car was not his property but that he had it rented from two months ago, the same time he has in our country. So far the whereabouts of the assailants who perpetrated the robbery are unknown, elements of the Municipal Police transferred the affected person to the facilities of that corporation to take the relevant statements and find the whereabouts of the assailants, in addition it was reported that the affected person will file a lawsuit in the public prosecutor’s office of the city of Mazatlan.

Original source in Spanish

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