translated from Spanish: Tigers adds more players in the ideal eleven

Mexico.- It is already three nights later that December 14th when the champions, Tigres de la UANL were imposed in penalty shootout to Rayadas de Monterrey to achieve their third Mx Femenil League Cup in their history and the first being at home, the Estadio Universitario. After that celebration, the year did not have to be closed without first recognizing who were the best players of the 17 teams participating in this same championship, in the famous list of the ideal eleven, led by the aforementioned, Tigres, by integrating four of their players in a row, of which two are midfielders, a central zaguera and one as a forward. 
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And it is not enough to remember what was the coronation of the felines, which were not only the number 1 after lifting the league title, but were the club with the most points achieved in 17 days (46), the highest number of goals in favour (50), the team with the least number of goals received (11) and a percentage of EFFECTIVENESS in terms of passes towards their destination and shots to the frame. 

For this reason to close a better year 2020, the auriazules outdid their rivals, being within the ideal eleven: defender Greta Espinoza of 25 years, in the middle of the field the footballers, Liliana Mercado and Nancy Antonio. And in line with two attackers, number 10 and goalscorer of the liquefier, Katty Martinez. 
Coach Roberto Medina made a very important commission with the Club of the Sultana del Norte for this Guard1anes 2020, such was the situation that the team were to beat of the whole liguilla, and although they were defeated at the last moment of the Vuelta Final by Monterrey, they owned and loved the two matches and the rest of the regular phase. The full list of girls who close the ideal list appears in the arch the goalkeeper of the Americas, Renata Masciarelli. In defense two runners-up, Monica Flores and Mariana Cadena de Rayadas, as well as defense line, Monica Rodríguez del América. Already for the top of the lineup, a last player from Monterrey is again found as a right exterior, Diana Evangelista and on the opposite side the only element of Guadalajara in the ideal frame, María Sánchez and as the second best forward alongside Katty Martínez, Alison González of Club Atlas. 

Original source in Spanish

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