translated from Spanish: Banco Nación launches credit to buy financed motorbikes

Banco Nación activated the second stage of the Mi Moto Program which incorporates a new quota to apply for a credit for the purchase of motorcycles, 48 installments and a totally rewarded rate. In this second stage there is a modification compared to the first stage and that is that once the credit is preapproved, «the customer will have seven days to book the bike in the BNA Store in order to optimize the times of the operation», as explained in the statement.» The maximum amount to be financed per user is up to $200,000, at a single period of 48 months, French depreciation system, and reaches all users, customers or non-customers of the entity,» they said.

Available brands and models can be viewed on the Program page.  The maximum amount to be financed is 200,000 with a maximum period of 48 months. This amount does not include the costs and additional expenses accessories to the operator (Patenting, Freight, Sealing, etc.). With regard to the interest rate, those who collect their credit through the BNA will be 28.5% while the rest of the users will be 37.5%. A $150,000 bike would pay an initial fee of $6,019.30 for a customer who perceives his or her credit at the BNA. For all other customers the sum amounts to $7,059.21.

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