translated from Spanish: Guillermo Montenegro expressed concern about increased cases of COVID-19 in Mar del Plata

Since the start of the summer season 2020/21, tourist areas have seen a drastic increase in cases of coronavirus, mainly Mar del Plata, one of the most important points to vacation on the Atlantic Coast.This was highlighted, first, the Minister of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires Daniel Gollán and, later, the mayor of General Pueyrredón Guillermo Montenegro. The first claimed that there were days when the party doubled in daily cases to La Matanza, a place that has almost three times as many inhabitants as General Pueyrredón.On his side, Montenegro was sharp and concerned in his statements, recalling that the pandemic is not yet over and that the risk of coronavirus contagion was not yet mitigated. «It’s clear that if anyone thought this was over, it’s not true,» he said.
«I think it’s the moment when you need to grit your teeth the most,» the party’s quartermaster continued. «Governments at the national, provincial and municipal levels make the decision to generate protocols because it is also important to take care of the work.» In turn, Montenegro assured that, from this Monday 21st, Operation Sol will begin, which will give the power to the police forces to track the clandestine parties that are taking place in the match. Over the past few days, the clandestine festivities were a scourge for the seaside resort, as they mean a strong focus of contagion and were taking place too much: in the last long weekend, local security forces disarticulate a total of four clandestine parties on Saturday alone, two of them with more than 140 people each. It should be noted that Mar del Plata counts 27,341 total contagions since the beginning of the pandemic, with 1,654 being those in treatment today, and 1,040 fatalities.

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