translated from Spanish: Michoacán applies permanent license, with limited application time

Morelia, Michoacán.- Only until December 31, Michoacano will be able to obtain their permanent license to drive in the modalities of driver, motorist and / or motorcyclist of the private service when paying 2 thousand pesos.
The issuance of this document arises in view of the applications made by the citizenry in this area, which requested the incorporation of this scheme in the vehicular area within the state of Michoacán, however, the application to the benefit becomes limited.
The announcement made by the Secretariat of Finance and Administration (SFA) of the Government of Michoacán, is in addition to those already made by the State body regarding the implementation of programs such as the Blur and New Account program, Regularization of motorcycles, and extensions of collection periods with financial incentives in process such as license renewal and Vehicular Refrendo 2020.
These programmes and extensions, as well as the issuance of permanent licences, shall have as a deadline of 31 December 2020; the requirements for the issuance will be those announced for these modalities on the official website of the SFA,
Persons attending this procedure shall comply with the prevention and containment measures issued by the Ministry of Health (SSM) in the state, shall go unaccompanied and be attentive to the indications of keeping the healthy distance and use of compulsory water cover.
For further reports on prevention measures and general information on COVID-19, the State Administration makes available to the population the number 800-123-2890, with 11 lines for doubt resolution, as well as a microsite where they will find all the information available about COVID-19, entering the league.

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