translated from Spanish: Neuquén: ask to dismiss a prosecutor who proposed that women carry weapons

Prosecutor Marcelo Medori today called for the dismissal of his peer from the Neuquina city of Cutral Có, Santiago Terán, following his statements in August, where he insisted that women be able to carry weapons in relation to situations of gender-based violence. From this situation a file was opened to him. According to them, the lawyer’s sayings go against the current legal order imposed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. In addition, Medori assured that his colleague acted with «lack of resurance and prudence,» in what he defined as «a communication raid» to the repsect of the concequency he might bring.

Jury to Santiago Terán in Neuquén

«He ignored the policies approved by the Public Prosecutor’s Office» to address gender-based violence and with his public expressions exercised «institutional violence by weakening the role of the state.» He also emphasized that his words were «inappropriate» for a prosecutor, not respecting «the style and prudence that an official in his hierarchy must keep.» For his part, Santiago Terán acknowledged that he «went out of his mouth», that he «lost his style», that he «acted wrong» and that he agreed to «be rebuked and punished». Following his presentation at the jury, he felt that his «judicial career was over» and asked, in his own defence, to apply «a 45-day suspension.» The prosecutor was denounced by the Attorney General of the province, José Gerez for «poor performance» and for «ignoring the constitutional rules», in an initiated case that could cost him the position in the justice of Cutral Có, Neuquén.

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