translated from Spanish: Neymar teamed up with a discriminated child at a football game

Brazilian football player Neymar sent a message of support to an 11-year-old boy who was discriminated against for racism during a children’s soccer match in the city of Goiás.Brazilian crack comforted the boy of the Uberlandia Academy, named Luiz Eduardo, who wept heartbrokenly after the coach of the rival team called him «black».
Neymar is in full recovery from his ankle injury that will prevent him from playing again until January 2021. In his home he took time to send a video with a message of affection and affection to Luiz: «From here I send you strength, a lot of light, a lot of love for you and I hope you do not give up on doing what you love that it is to play football». The little one recounted the act of disscrimination in this way: «I was in the middle of them and the other guy who was there said ‘close the black, close the black’. So I kept it to tell my parents at the end.»

Esse é o relato do garoto Luiz Eduardo, jogador do sub-11 do Uberl’ndia Academy, who sofreu racism during jogo contra o Set Esportes, pela Caldas Cup. Ele aguentou insults throughout and foi’s tears após or jogo. Um absurd. Crime committed against uma crianca. — Josias Pereira (@josiaspereira)
December 18, 2020

The images, disseminated with the consent of the fathers at least, shocked the Brazilian star of Paris Saint Germain, who sent him a very meaningful message: «Luiz Eduardo, I saw your video, I saw that you had a completely unpleasant and sad situation. Unfortunately we’re going through things that don’t fit anymore these days.» «Take this hard and transform it into training, in dedication, in love for what you do, in love with your parents and your family. To all, without race, without any color», were the words of the professional player for the child who in the coming days would have the privilege of being tested in the youths of Santos, club in which Neymar began.

Luiz Eduardo

A few days ago, Paris striker Saint-Germain appeared in an unreleased event in the Champions League: one match was suspended for discrimination from one of the referees to one of the protagonists. From the Uberlandia Academy they confirmed the corresponding complaint was made with both the police and the authorities of the organization of the children’s tournament, who have not yet given answers on the case.

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