translated from Spanish: The fight in a bar between Rocío Oliva and María Fernanda Callejón: “They had to separate them”

María Laura Callejón and Rocío Oliva are part of Polémica’s 2020 squad at the Bar, with the death of Diego Maradona, the former couple took a lead at the table, where she talks about it every day. On her side Callejón, a friend of Claudia Villafañe’s surroundings, confronted the young woman in the air, discrediting the information held by Oliva, who were Villafañe, Dalma and Gianinna, who did not let her into casa Rosada to say goodbye to her ex-partner. The former vedette argued that this information was false and those who would not have allowed her entry were Diego’s sisters. Situation that caused some discomfort among women to the air. 

Now, on the occasion of the New Year’s Eve festivities, and already enabled the bars, the group went to a bar to toast for another year. 

According to the information provided by Angel de Brito, the encounter would not have ended well, due to a strong discussion between Callejón and Oliva, who almost move on to the physical.

“The members of Polémica at the Bar went to dinner at the end of the year to a place in Palermo. Brindis goes, toast comes and one of the people got a little intense… You can see that he was providing a little more of our dear María Fernanda Callejón, who is effusive, and grabbed her with Rocío Oliva. Fighting flower!” began explaining the driver.” After dinner, some went to a bar for a little more and Callejón took out everything he had inside, it was hot. She got violent and they had to intervene, because apart they saw it coming. Neither did fatal violence, they didn’t get to the pineapples or anything like that, but Callejón began to tell Rocío everything,” Angel clarified. However, the phrase that was triggering for things to get out of hand would have been the one that Alley threw at Rocío: 
“Diego’s been dead for three weeks, and you’re here in a while, you don’t deserve to have been Diego Armando Maradona’s wife.’

De brito recounted that before that lapidary said, Oliva chose to ignore the companion: “There Rocío cut off her face immediately, did not react, she did not get aggressive or anything, they started intervening before the punches begin. They separated them, but the weather is bad,” he said, “This is going to denies it, but it was as is.”  

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