translated from Spanish: Butter or cannons and the 25-O

We agree with Mr John Griffiths that the defence budget should be adequate to finance the strategic capabilities needed for national defense, as determined by the political authorities (the board).
To this end, it is inescapable to consider that on October 25, 2020, 80% of Chileans (shareholders) decided that they want to live in a fairer, more humane and fraternal society and in that scenario, the high priests of the economy will be relentless to enforce the dogma of faith of macroeconomic balances.
Quoting Codelco’s famous phrase of former CEO»No silver, man. Understand me there is no fucking weight» we can grasps the budget constraints inferred by the covid-19 pandemic and the immense social demands that arise from the millions of people on wages under 400,000 pesos per month or who have run out of retirement funds in their AFPs, who are already generating a monstrous public debt to finance them.
In these circumstances there is no worse blind than the one you do not want to see and my opinions only seek to avoid in time the announced bankruptcy of the national defense, for which I repeat the call to our military leaders (the managers) to open their eyes in favor of the homeland they swore to defend.

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