translated from Spanish: Controversy over Raphael’s massive concert in the middle of the pandemic

The WiZink Center, where the international artist sang, stated on Sunday in a statement that all the measures required for the event were fulfilled, and even the mandatory space between seats doubled.
The theatre thus comes to pass the controversy generated on social media about the decision to hold a mass event in an enclosed space when family Christmas gatherings have just been limited to six people from two different nuclei. The center says it «opened for the occasion by extreme health security measures to initiate the recovery of live music, bringing to society the message that culture is safe.»
Madrid’s regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, also assured the press that the show was held with «all security measures», although she announced that, if the incidence of coronavirus increases, «all events of the same characteristics will be suspended». The venue «has respected the limited capacity of 30 percent, renews air every 12 minutes and complied with all regulations,» anticovid explained.
WiZink’s statement states, however, that there were 4,368 people in the enabled seats, 25 per cent, «where up to 40 per cent of the capacity could have been activated by regulations.» The total capacity of this facility, which can reach 17,400 spectators, allowed to double the distance between attendees and, although the rule establishes a seat away from the public, there were two.
In addition, the leaders recall, the security plan of the concert was the approval of the authorities. In addition, «the nearly 300 professionals who worked in the organization, hours before the concert began, underwent an antigen test to ensure their status.»

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