translated from Spanish: Duhalde on the Cabinet: “It takes experienced people, there is no time to learn in crisis”

Former President Eduardo Duhalde warned of the need for change because “in crises you have to have experienced people” and “there is no time to learn”, in relation to the transcended who would indicate changes in the national cabinet.
“I always thought changes had to be made because in crises you can’t go to learn. In crises you have to have experienced people, there is no time to learn,” the former president said.

In statements to the program “El Gíglico” on Radio Rivadavia, Duhalde said that “there are very capable people in this Cabinet”, but that “they do not have an additional condition that you have to have that is a daily strength to manage the ministry”. The former head of state’s sayings come after Vice-President Cristina Kirchner questioned the conditions of some Cabinet members to hold the positions they hold.” All those who are afraid or not encouraged, there are other occupations besides being minister, minister, legislator or legislator, go to find another laburo, we need people that the armchairs they occupy or to definitively defend the interests of the people”, had launched the former president during an act that she shared with President Alberto Fernández at the Estadio Unique de La Plata.
In another order, Duhalde considered that “Alberto Fernández is not in the balance” that is needed for the role he performs, that “not well” nor “is it as it has to be”. “Many blows come. I’ve lived that. In 2002 we were in twin surpluses, we were fine, but I wasn’t well, even though one tried to disguise it because it’s too much effort,” he said.

Finally, he reiterated his remarks on the president: “It’s not right. It’s not the way it’s going to be. I wish him all the best and to reward himself, but he’s not the way he’s got to be.” In the meantime, he considered that “what is wrong with this Government is that they do not deal with the issues that need to be addressed”. “We deal with side issues. In crises you have to deal with no more than two or three issues, and put all the strength there. There are few issues. The issue of hunger and production, and we must rummage on the issue of debt in times of pandemic,” he concluded.
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