translated from Spanish: Racing election: After Milito’s departure, Victor Blanco seeks his second re-election

From 8.30 o’clock the racing club elections are taking place at Presidente Peron Stadium until 18 o’clock with four candidate lists, the officialism and three opponents, who will determine the path that the institution of Avellaneda will take for the next four years. The candidates are: the current representative Victor Blanco, who has held that position since 2013, goes for his second re-election by leading the Racing Gana and Avanza Front. The other three lists presented to the elections lead to Fabián Mangaretto (Frente la Acadé), Leandro Rodríguez Hevia (Front Racing de los Socios) and Martín Navarro (Front for These Colors), respectively.
Although Victor Blanco has a good chance of reaching his second re-election, he lost the unanimous support of the fan after the fight with Diego Milito, who will leave the position of technical secretary when Racing’s participation in the Copa Libertadores ends: «I do not share the ideas and model of the president’s club,» explained the idol. The management of football in Racing is an unknown, prior to Milito’s arrival the club spent millions of dollars on totally useless players, who ended up on loan at other institutions until the contract expires. Fans don’t want to go back to that stage and those who defend Blanco, rating the order the club has today, are treated mediocre for conforming to so little.
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