translated from Spanish: Russia will start vaccinating those over the age of 60 this week; They’re looking for the son of the owner of the car who ran over and killed a baby in Flores; How will banks work on December 24 and 31?

1. Russia to start vaccinating over 60s this week

Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko put it, so clinical trials of the Sputnik V vaccine in people over the age of 60 are coming to an end. I kept reading here… 2. Search for the son of the owner of the car who ran over and killed a baby in Flores

Ruben Ariel Papadopulos showed up at a police station, but investigators suspect he was driving his 21-year-old son. I kept reading here… 3. How will banks operate on December 24 and 31?

Banks acceded to the Central Bank’s invitation to give their staff a position. However, they clarified that the electronic channels will work and that there will be ATM top-up. I kept reading here… 4. Fernandez travels to Rio Grande to start the agenda of Capitales Alternas 2021

President Alberto Fernández will travel today to Tierra del Fuego to inaugurate tomorrow in the city of Rio Grande the implementation of the Federal Cabinet and the agenda of the alternate capitals, with the aim of decentralizing management and having a direct exchange with local authorities and civil society organizations. I kept reading here… 5. For Monzó, Macri should not «re-candidate» for president

The former president of the Chamber of Deputies during the management of Cambiamos stated that Mauricio Macri should «help magnanimously» in 2023. I kept reading here… 6. Dady Brieva will take a tour of the Atlantic coast

Comedian Dady Brieva will take his summer tour of the Argentine coast and today premieres a play with Pesky Muez. I kept reading here… 7. ANSES: assignment payment schedule and Christmas bonus

ANSES will continue payments for some assignments before the New Year’s Eve festivities, i.e. Monday 21 to Wednesday, December 23. All these payments will receive a 5% increase along with the settlement of the year-end bonus. I kept reading here… 8. A young trans girl committed suicide after she was expelled from school for wearing a skirt

The tragic event happened in France, and the institution denies its responsibility by ensuring that the young woman «had other personal problems.» I kept reading here… 9. The Polish and Barbie Silenzi officially separated

With this news, rumors of an alleged romance between the singer and his Masterchef Celebrity partner Sofia Pachano grow. I kept reading here… 10. This Monday, for the third time in 2000 years, you will see the star of Bethlehem

This astronomical phenomenon is also known as the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, and can be followed in its fullness in the afternoon and with the naked eye. I kept reading here…

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