translated from Spanish: Stunning: dozens of snails devoured a jellyfish on the shores of the beach

A photographer specializing in portraying natural phenomena recorded the moment when a dozen snails ate a giant jellyfish on a South African beach. The spectacular scene went viral within a few hours. The event occurred in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and became known as American photographer Keith Ladzinski filmed the precise moment when snails devoured the huge water down the beachside.
Ladzinski, who works for National Geographic, stumbled upon the scene as he walked quietly along the beach and did not hesitate to register it and upload it to the IG account of the renowned magazine: “The scene was a total buffet, something I stumbled upon while walking along the beach at dawn,” the photographer wrote. Within a few hours he harvested hundreds of reactions and I like it. The video impacted not only on the size of the jellyfish but also because, in general, animals that consume jellyfish are larger whales or fish, such as sunfish.
Ladzinski is renowned for photographing and filming the natural world and climate change. For his spectacular work he received numerous awards, including the PDN and The International Library of Photography, and he was nominated twice for the Emmy Awards.His photos appeared on more than 100 covers of prestigious publications such as National Geographic Magazine, Washington Post Sunday Magazine and The New York Times. “Dedicated to documenting a constantly changing planet,” says his description of his Instagram account.

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