translated from Spanish: The Star of Bethlehem were Saturn and Jupiter in conjunction

This 2020 has given us everything from weather events of terrible consequences, to rarely seen astronomical events, this December 21st will certainly be the exception because we will be able to appreciate the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.Although in the past similar events had already been seen, this year’s one is certainly different, not to be called «special», because in almost eight centuries never two planets had been aligned with such close proximity , which will make them shine brighter than usual.
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All of the above is relevant to many, and unimportant to others, but curiosity can arise if we raise the following: Is the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn «The Star of Bethlehem»? ( Will the conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn be the shining star of Bethlehem?)

For the most dep noted, it is important to remember that in the Christian religion and its derivatives there is an event that most know, the arrival of the three Magi to meet the newborn baby Jesus, although this is not the important thing, but that they were guided, according to the version, by «The Star of Bethlehem».Is it or not?
As difficult as it may seem to assimilate, this is not a new subject, since in the early 17th century Johannes Kepler, a German astronomer and mathematician, argued that this phenomenon could be used to build history. But it doesn’t end there, because 400 years earlier the Italian artist Giotto, stood the star like a comet in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Italy, which is considered by some to be a sign that he agreed. However, not everyone believes the same thing, some claim that Giotto’s inspiration was the passage of Halley’s comet, which astronomers said passed through Earth around 12 a.C., between five and 10 years before Jesus was born.In the case of astronomer Michael R. Molnar, the star of Bethlehem would be an eclipse of Jupiter within the constellation of Aries.Although it is difficult to relate the biblical phenomenon to something in particular , because it is not known exactly when the so-called «God child» was born, with dates that differ in years, besides that astronomical events often occur.

Original source in Spanish

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