translated from Spanish: Amber, the great-granddder of Mirtha Legrand, dabbled at the closing of the «table»

No doubt last night was very emotional for the Legrand family. The expected return of the Argentine television diva after ten months of confinement left viewers more than happy. With great affection and respect the drivers shared a talk where they talked about everything. In addition to what was announced, there were many surprises in the evening. For example, the attendance of Marcela Tinayre, Daughter of Mirtha, at one of the most resonant dinners of 2020.

But the applause was taken by the youngest of the clan: Amber de Benedictis, the eldest daughter of Juana Viale, who came by surprise at the end of the meeting to give her mother a bouquet of flowers and, of course, to greet her grandmother and great-grandmother.

At the time of the toast, Viale asked for the prosperity of the country, Mirtha strongly desired «the vaccine to appear» and finally Marcela toasted for «the fourth generation» giving rise to the entrance of her granddaughter Amber who became present in a white shirt and a bouquet of flowers, also white, for her mother who was surprised and excited of her appearance.

Source: The Thirteen

Marcela also gave her mother Mirtha Legrand a bouquet of flowers. But without a doubt, it was the 18-year-old who took all the looks. While he maintains a very low profile and in the family his privacy is greatly respected, it seems that the surprise was planned in conjunction with Nacho Viale, his uncle and producer of the cycle.» I don’t want this program to end,» Mirtha, greatly mobilized by her family’s presence, said. And, of no other way, she closed her «table» with the typical phrases that the historic driver made famous: «As you look, they treat you. If they see you wrong, they mistreat you. If they see you well, they hire you.»

Credits: Malcolm MacGibbon of StoryLab

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