translated from Spanish: Help save a life of drugs and enjoy a delicious Thread of Kings

Morelia, Michoacán.- With the firm purpose of continuing to help more people save their lives from non-profit drug addiction and for free, young people from the Civil Association of Anonymous Drug Addicts, Group La Esperanza, offers its already traditional Threads of Kings to Morelia society.
They are already 24 years providing these drug prevention services not only for the youth of Michoacán but also of other entities, so, once again it is requested the support of the citizens to acquire their threads of kings in the points already accustomed, how they are: the facilities of the group La Esperanza in Felipe Carrillo Port street number 272 of the colony Centro , in the Independencia market, on Plan de Ayala street at the height of the Salesiano and on Bucareli street. Also, to set aside their threads they can dial the number 443 -3-21- 27-48.
Today the group is home to more than 40 young people who fight day by day to save their lives from this scourge that harms the brunettes and in general michoacana youth. Therefore, its collaboration is of paramount importance, on the understanding that this rehabilitation centre is registered within the standards of the Secretary of Health and Human Rights, since in this place there is no beating and there are also not a single five charges for the relatives of those who yearn to change the course of their lives , who want to be better citizens, better husbands or better children.

Therefore, the invitation is extended to companies wishing to contribute saving a life from the disease of drug addiction, you can acquire its threads for your staff by counting on the group Hope to also bill them for their products.
Similarly, it must be stated that threads are made by properly trained young people and that they have also learned a trade to be Productive people and not a burden on the same community or their families. Therefore, it is insisted on asking the general population to help in the purchase of their thread, in order to continue helping more young people get out of drugs. The medium thread of one and a half kilos counts 220 pesos and the large two kilos 320 pesos.
No one is except to fall into pharmacodependence, so it also invites them to know the facilities if they know someone with this disease or if they have a family member, remembering that the service is totally free and the only requirement is that the person wants to change the course of their life. BUY YOUR THREAD

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