translated from Spanish: Mexico mulls suspending UK flights for new strain of COVID

The list of countries that have decided to suspend traveller arrivals from the UK continues to grow after a new «out-of-control» strain of coronavirus is discovered on British soil.
It even in some cases extends to countries where the new variant has been detected, such as South Africa and Denmark.
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Several Latin American countries have already suspended the entry of flights from Europe, and especially from the United Kingdom.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is chairing an emergency meeting on Monday to analyse the situation of international travel and the regular flow of goods to and from the UK.
Mexico analyses UK flights
This morning, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that the Ministry of Health is considering whether to maintain or slow flights from the UNITED Kingdom to Mexico after the new strain of COVID-19 is discovered.
It indicated that on the basis of existing evidence, a decision would be made and communicated on Tuesday, December 22 at The Pulse of Health.
«This matter was given in the UK of a new strain. Doctors say it’s not exactly that but a new variant, and action began in some countries. Our specialists say you have to wait, not act politically without having technical elements of the experts,» López Obrador said during his morning conference.
«It’s going to be reviewed, if it warrants decisions are going to be made, it’s up to the Ministry of Health,» he said.
These are the countries that have suspended passenger entry:
On Sunday he suspended at midnight for 48 hours the travels of people from British soil, «including those related to the transport of goods (accompanied), by road, air, sea or rail».
He interrupted all passenger flights from Britain and South Africa from Monday at 00am until 31 December, in principle. They also cannot be accessed by sea, road or railways.
Russia announced on Monday that it was suspending its flights to the UK for a week.
After detecting on Sunday a first case of contamination by the new strain in a recently returned patient from Britain, he decided to cancel flights from the UK. Entry is prohibited to people who have been in Britain for the past 14 days. Those who have already arrived should undergo a test.
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From Sunday at midnight flights from this origin were cut «at least» for 48 hours.
Flights with passengers from Britain suspended from the beginning of this Monday until 1 January.
Ferries, except with trucks carrying goods with driver, are not accepted.
In early December, a case of a covid-19 strain circulating in part of the UK was detected.
Norway, Denmark
They canceled flights from the UK from this Monday for 48 hours. Denmark has found nine local cases of the British strain.
He announced on Sunday that he would suspend flights from Britain, a formal decision is expected during this day.
From midnight on Sunday flight disruption and rail traffic from Britain for 24 hours.
Switzerland interrupted flights from the UK and South Africa until further notice and imposed a 10-day retroactive quarantine on Monday for anyone from both countries from 14 December.
Rest of Europe
Finland suspended passenger flights from the UK for two weeks from this Monday.
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania suspended flights from Britain.
Bulgaria suspended air links with the UK until 31 January, Romania will do the same for two weeks from this afternoon Monday.
Croatia has suspended passenger flights from the UK for 48 hours.
Macedonia interrupted all flights from Britain and imposed 14-day isolation on those who were there. Poland will make it from this Monday at midnight.
Czech Republic from noon on Monday, and Finland from this day for two weeks.
Suspension of flights with passengers from GB for 72 hours.
Hong Kong
It will disrupt your passenger flights from the UK from this midnight. Those who arrive after being there in the last 14 days will be quarantined.
India will suspend flights from GB until December 31.
It shall apply the same measure to aircraft from the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands and South Africa.
He interrupted flights from this provenance for two weeks.
He announced sunday the ban on entry to foreign nationals from Great Britain, Denmark and South Africa.
Saudi Arabia
It suspended international flights from Sunday, arrivals by land or sea for one week, extendable to two.
He added the UK to its list of «high-risk» countries, banning flights.
South America
The Savior forbade entry to anyone who has been in Britain for the past month.
Argentina suspended flights from the UK, and Chile will do so on Tuesday.
Peru will not authorize direct or stopover flights to the country in the United Kingdom as a «preventive measure» in the face of the emergence of the new covid-19 variant.
Colombia also suspended flights to and from the UK as a precautionary measure as of this Monday.
On Sunday he suspended flights from Britain.
With AFP information 
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