translated from Spanish: Physical Educational Infrastructure of the State of Michoacán still undated to cover debits

Michoacán.- After without processing that the payment of the fortnights does not depend on the general direction, but is a situation that falls to the Ministry of Finance, the holder of the Institute of Educational Physical Infrastructure of the State of Michoacán (IIFEEM), María Guadalupe Díaz Chagolla, set out some precise date to cover the debits with the workers.
«As soon as the Finance Secretariat makes the corresponding transfer, payments will be made, let’s hope it’s in the next few days,» he said.
As the union leader of the workers, José Luis Almanza pointed out that despite having already started holiday season, they will remain with protests until they receive their payments as they correspond.
«The situation here is that we haven’t been paid the two fortnights of December, the aguinaldo, the holiday premium and two bonuses owed to us,» he said.
He also explained that when he wanted to have a dialogue with authorities, elements of the Public Order Restoration Unit (UROP) came with indications of withdrawing the protesters, however, they opposed it.
«We were going to start the dialogue, but that’s where the grenadiers come in and threaten people that if we don’t retire, they’re going to take us away and now we value or the risk-taking partners there are»
Faced with this situation, they anticipated that tomorrow they will carry out activities of greater impact, beyond the take on University Avenue, in order to put pressure on the authorities.

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